Marshall Perrin Is NOT Your Average Tattooed Model

Marshall Perrin Is NOT Your Average Tattooed Model

Marshall Perrin is a smokin' hot tattooed model and social media star but he also puts out fires in his day job as a firefighter.

You might have seen this gorgeous hunk with a killer smile and eyes to fall in love with popping up around social media. He's tattooed and buff a real athletic guy who has done some awesome modelling with high profile photographers like Mike Ruiz. What some of you might not know is that he is in fact a Canadian firefighter by day. Marshall Perrin is more than just eye candy for his loyal followers, he is also a man who serves his community and saves lives. He is living proof that you can be a tattooed professional hard worker, someone to respect and look up to. Ladies and gents meet Marshall Perrin!

On Marshall's social media sites he posts pictures of his work as a firefighter and he sometimes gets some nasty comments from people who say he's a fake firefighter or just a model pretending to be one. Marshall has been a loyal serving firefighter for over 8 years and knows his shit... and makes sure his followers know he's the real deal.  

Many of Marshall's tattoos are done in the American Traditional style. He has the words "Live II Die" in script across his chest and has many traditional roses in his tattoos. Many of his pieces also feature images of skulls and what look like angels. Probably reminders of the fragility of life he faces being a firefighter. His back has a huge traditional eagle and snake fighting design and on his stomach a black panther with roses.

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