Marvelous Black and Gray Tattoos by Tye Harris

Marvelous Black and Gray Tattoos by Tye Harris

Tye Harris' incredible attention to detail and masterful tattooing makes his work truly something worth sharing and collecting!

Black and gray tattoos are really classic and elegant looking that collectors and artists go nuts about 'em! Tye Harris does some awesome black and gray tattoos that might give you an idea for that next tattoo you've been wanting to get!

Tye Harris is a remarkable tattoo artist from Austin Texas. His work is an amazing rendition of realistic black and gray tattoos that have incredible shading technique and shadow play. Tye Harris' mastery of tattooing allows him to be versatile with the style and make a really solid tattoo.

Here are some marvelous black and gray tattoos by Tye Harris:

All photos and tattoos from Tye Harris.

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