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Marvelous Imaginative Portrait Tattoos!

Marvelous Imaginative Portrait Tattoos!

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

This collection of Portrait Tattoos brings together pieces that show imaginative ways to illustrate a face.

In this special collection of portrait tattoos, we've brought some pieces together that are exemplary in their imaginative use of the tattoo medium. Whether a cool use of cultural icons and imagery, or a different take on a classic, or even just a completely different design than what you usually see, these artists have done something special within portrait tattooing that we think is pretty freakin cool. Cuz, obvs, we look at tattoos more than anything in and day out...almost 24 hours a day for real, it's all we think about practically. So we love it when artists and clients come together to create something totally freakin new!

Recently, fine art reproductions have become very popular...and we love seeing all the Van Goghs and Monet paintings gracing the arms of people across the globe. But we were super stoked to see the Courbet painting tattoo by Emanuela Bello! Super deep into the art history archives...but it's not always just about design or imagery. It's also about body placement we don't often see. M.C. Escher's work consistently inspires people...and Nicol Saitti's portrait tattoo is a perfect example. The really cool thing is that Saitti decided to split the portraits and put one on each feet...and it works so well!! Good visuals and good placement almost always go hand and hand to make a really stellar tattoo...

Portrait tattoos span literally every single style of tattooing, so it's an absolute piece of cake trying to find an artist or shop that can give you your dream piece...and we can help too! Not only do we add imagery to our tattoo archives daily, we can also help you in your search for the perfect artist to match your perfect piece. Download our app, sign up, and see just how easy it is to get the tattoo you've always wanted!

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