Marvelous Neo Traditional Tattoos by Kris Roberts

Marvelous Neo Traditional Tattoos by Kris Roberts

A very powerful collection of neo traditional tattoos from a seasoned solid tattooer.

Tough looking and bold tattoos- that's what Kris Roberts' tattoos are all about. There's nothing like classic powerful imagery to adorn the human body! Kris Roberts is a tattoo artist who has been slinging ink since '99. He is a seasoned craftsman who knows the ins and outs of the trade and continues to make some really dope work.

Tattooing requires a certain amount of dedication and hard work. Being a decent tattooer is no easy task. In the case of Kris Roberts, he has been around the scene and putting out some really beautiful tattoos for some time now. His style is a classic, bold and hard linework approach. This makes the tattoo more strong and also helps it hold up nicely as it ages. The colors he uses are truly vibrant and the good use of contrast gives that extra neo traditional spirit.

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