Massive Black & Grey Tattoos by Greg Nicholson

Massive Black & Grey Tattoos by Greg Nicholson

It doesn't matter if it's a full chest tattoo, back tattoo, or a pair of sleeves, this tattooist's realistic black and grey is top notch.

Black and grey realism is a timeless style of tattooing to master, and once a person is adept at it, they can take the tattoo world by storm. It takes a lot of precision and a steady hand to pull off, and there are few better at black and grey realism than British Columbia's Greg Nicholson.

Nicholson has a way with making his large-scale black and grey realism pieces pop with his smooth and clean style. His shading is unparalleled, which really makes his tattoos stand out amongst the crowd. He can tackle any subject matter, from religious pieces to horrifying monsters, and even some more unique designs.

If you're in Vancouver and looking for a large-scale black and grey piece, definitely take Nicholson into consideration. Once you see his tattoos, you'll get why.

While Nicholson is a brilliant artist with a tattoo machine in his hand, tattooing isn't his only talent. He's also a skilled airbrush artist and applies his creativity in that medium as well, putting his designs on any "canvas" he can, like motorcycles, cars, or just a regular old canvas. There's no artistic endeavor too large or small for Nicholson.

Nicholson's clients have gone on record to show their appreciation for his work, and that kind of reputation will earn him customers in the future and keep his current clientele coming back for more. That is, if they can fit any more. After seeing these brilliant large scale pieces, I don't know if you'd be able to fit any more of this dude's mastery on your body!

Greg Nicholson can be found on Instagram, so if you've got a minute, you should go ahead and follow him to get your doses of realism.

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