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Master of Art: Tattoos by Rob Steele

Master of Art: Tattoos by Rob Steele

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

This British artist has become an expert in many tattoo styles.

Mr Rob Steele, the owner of Steele and Ink Tattoos in Birmingham and a dedicated family man, has been tattooing for 5 years. Looking at his portfolio of work, you'd think he'd been part of the tattoo scene for much longer.

It's not that often I feature an artist and praise their versatility and ability to conquer a variety of different tattoo subgenres. I guess that's because there aren't that many around. When I stumble across someone who is perfectly executing so many gorgeous tattoos, I instantly have to share their work with you guys.

Small traditional pieces, Asian-inspired bodysuits, black and grey portraits, and intricate patternwork make the list of the accomplished work done by Birmingham-based tattoo artist Rob Steele. I spend a lot of time at his self-owned studio, getting tattooed by his co-worker Angharad Chappell, and can confirm it's a sweet place, with super relaxed vibes.

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Explore more of Rob's work on his Instagram.

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