Masterful Black & Grey Rose Tattoos by Tim Hendricks

Masterful Black & Grey Rose Tattoos by Tim Hendricks

A rose tattoo doesn't have to be a vibrant red to have an impact.

Tim Hendricks is a force to be reckoned with. Working out of Eric Maaske's Classic Tattoo, and running his own supply company Saltwater Tattoo Supply, Hendricks seriously does it all. "Since Tim was old enough to grip a pencil and ride a surfboard he has been pursuing a life of art and leisure," his bio proclaims, and man, Hendricks has carved out a talented career for himself in addition to his artful, leisurely life. 

Hendricks has quite a portfolio under his belt, but today, we're solely featuring his black and grey rose tattoos. Shaded to perfection, full of depth, Hendrick's roses are seriously in a class by themselves.

Finely shaded, but bold as can be, these black and grey rose tattoos are  a testament to Hendrick's versatility. Follow Hendricks over on Instagram, and swing by his website and blog for more insight into his work. 

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