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Max Relax and Pop Some Popcorn: Movie Tattoos Just For You

Max Relax and Pop Some Popcorn: Movie Tattoos Just For You

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Max relax, pop some popcorn and check out these awesome Movie Tattoos we pulled together just for you.

We've brought together these movie tattoos because pop culture references in tattoos makes us super movies in general make us really happy. There is nothing like watching a movie that you've never seen and discovering a whole new world that exists inside a screen...a whole new world that was created by directors, actors, entire crew of people working together to make something totally awesome. That awe-inspiring feeling you get when watching a film like that is totally incredible...which is why these movie tattoos are so great: there is a constant reminder of how that movie made you feel, how transformative it was...

Speaking of movies, we just signed up for TCM's FilmStruck streaming, and so far we're super happy with it. Just as it's awesome to find a new fave movie, the opposite is also true. Wasting your time on a terrible movie is just...the worst. Almost as bad as when someone tells you the entire plot to a film you've never seen, especially if you really wanted to see that movie....there is certainly a special place in hell for spoilers. Obviously these movie tattoos are not examples of this...since who would get a tattoo of a movie they hated? 

And....speaking of spoilers...the last movie we saw that was totally insanely awesome was The Shape of Water which ended up winning a crap ton of Oscars. Not surprising considering Guillermo del Toro is a freakin genius. Obviously we won't give you a play by play of the plot, but truth be told it was spectacular. In the past we've definitely seen Guillermo del Toro tattoos pop up here and there and we're super excited for The Shape of Water tattoos to start coming out of the woodworks. Movie tattoos are some of our favorite...if you've got one, we wanna see it. Check out our app, and upload your favorite movie tattoo today or build your own collection of bad ass ink! 

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