#MCM: The Creekman

#MCM: The Creekman

Welcome to Man Crush Monday, where all your dreams come true.

Mondays can be a total drag. Like, seriously the worst. So, we decided to make them a bit shinier, a bit glossier, a bit manlier for you. That's right, we've revived #ManCrushMonday, a.k.a. #MCM, and we're bringing you The Creekman for your first serving.

We wanted to learn more about The Creekman, but he's a man of mystery. A quick internet search only brings about sexy, sexy photos and smoldering glares. We couldn't even find out his name! We figured it was something super embarrassing, but some internet sleuthing led us to ... Kevin. Pretty standard. A simple, straight-forward sexy name. To match his sexy, sexy exterior.

Yes, please. Those luscious locks! I mean, seriously, Kevin. You're really pretty.

Man Crush Monday: The Creekman. (Via IG—thecreekman) #MCM #TheCreekman #Hottie #TattooedDudes #Babes #Rowr

Bearded, tattooed, long-locked, and gazing off into the sunset.

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Please tell me you actually play the guitar too, Kevin, please. Complete this sexy, sexy picture for us. Come sit next to us by the campfire. We'll even let you sing Wonderwall.

Phew, well. We hope YOUR Monday feels better — ours certainly does! 

Go ogle our new friend over at his Instagram

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