Meaningful Little Tattoos on the Nooks of People’s Necks

Meaningful Little Tattoos on the Nooks of People’s Necks

A tattoo across the small of your back is a tramp stamp, but one on the small of your neck is the stamp of a champ.

An anchor anchored along you ear can show that you have a sound head on your shoulders, and nothing says you’re well on your way to enlightenment like having a Om chilling behind one of your lobes. Because of their simultaneously subtle and pronounced positioning, tiny tattoos that occupy the narrow strip of canvas between one’s ear and the nape of his or her neck can be as profound as large-scale pieces like sleeves and back-pieces. It just depends on what symbol you choose to best represent who you are.

Behind the ear

Though they have to be fairly minimalistic given the limited space on this prominent stretch of the body, it doesn’t mean that a micro tattoo on your neck can’t be meaningful. There is a vast variety of tattoo designs that can be squeezed into such a cramped spot. From minute sacred geometry to itty-bitty nerdy tribute pieces, the options are as inexhaustible as an infinity sign.


The most exciting aspect of a tattoos placed behind ears is how visible yet concealable they are. You can have an entire conversations with people without them having a clue it's there, and then turning your head to walk away, you’ll leave a lasting impression on the them, making them think, “Man, I didn’t notice at first, but he/she has some serious edge.” Or if you’re visiting your grandma or some other conservative relative or friend, all you have to do is let your hair down to hide your neck tattoo. They may call you a dirty hippie, but as far as your daring body art goes, they’ll be none the wiser.

Peter Pan
Tinker Bell
Mary Poppins
Eiffel Tower
Going simple with an ampersand.
Short words
Pastel Colors

To see more tiny tattoo, like the ones residing these collectors’ ears, hit up their artists’ Instagrams. Should you want your own little masterpiece just around the corner from your nape, have one of them design it for you.

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