Meet Rachel Howe of Brooklyn's Small Spells

Meet Rachel Howe of Brooklyn's Small Spells

Prepare to be awed by this multi-talented intuitive artist.

The intuitive arts are always a fascinating subject. Whether it be tarot, palmistry, or divination, the intuitive arts open the mind to new and intriguing ways of viewing the world and our place in it. It takes an incredibly mindful and perceptive person to accurately make use of these arts, and find some sense and direction through their practice. Just as not every person that picks up a paintbrush is an artist, not every person that practices tarot or palmistry is spiritually gifted. It’s very rare to find someone who’s equal parts artist and spiritual healer, as more often than not, the two are thought of as mutually exclusive, but that’s exactly what artist Rachel Howe of Brooklyn’s Small Spells does.

One third hand poke artist, another third tarot reader, and another part illustrator, Rachel Howe is a woman of many gifts, but perhaps what she’s best known for are her tiny hand poked tattoos. Using a fine hand poking needle, Howe creates tiny masterpieces that are centered around the idea of divination and its relation to the earth with subjects ranging from quaint animals, to witchy hands, as well as botanical elements. 

Her art, much like her tattoos, is centered around the same subject matter, but with a bit more emphasis on spirituality and death. Elements like grim reapers creep their way into a number of her pieces, as do influences from astrology. Recently, Howe has even created a calendar featuring some of her tiny masterpieces, as well as “esoteric and astrological information for each month,” which is a great for knowing when Mercury is about to go into retrograde, or there’s a new moon in Taurus. Howe has even created a beautiful tarot deck of her humble illustrations as well as a helpful guidebook that directs you and helps to give meaning for those budding readers that are just starting out, or the more seasoned reader that needs a bit of additional insight.

Howe says that regardless of her medium, her end goal is “is always to lift up those around her, to raise the level of communication and self-awareness, and to enable personal healing and growth to occur.” Even the slightest glance at Howe’s work will stir within you a deep introspection about your innermost self, so we can only imagine what an hour long tarot reading with her would result in. Even so, there’s something deeply mystical and personal about Howe’s work, and perhaps even Howe herself, that’s both captivating and thought provoking, but ultimately uplifting.

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