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Meet The Artists: FLT Tattoo Studio

Meet The Artists: FLT Tattoo Studio

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This all-female crew from Newcastle are eager to tattoo you!

A couple of hours north of Sydney, Australia you'll find the city of Newcastle. And in the outer suburbs of Newcastle is a private, all-female tattoo studio called FLT. 

Founded in 2015, FLT Tattoo Studio gained its name from a motto of the Order of the Oddfellows. The letters FLT stand for friendship, love and truth. As stated on their website, "this name was chosen as a statement of intent to create an honest, friendly, comfortable and welcoming studio environment." 

This private, appointment-only tattoo studio and its artists (Eddy Lou, Emily Jane, and Sophie Lewis) pride themselves on putting their clients first, and creating high quality tattoos in a warm and friendly environment. What's not to love and appreciate about that?

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Now, go ahead and take a look at the wonderful tattoos being produced at FLT. 

Eddy Lou

The owner of FLT Tattoo Studio, Eddy Lou is known for her neo traditional flora and fauna tattoos, and illustrative blackwork tattoos. 

Sophie Lewis

Sophie Lewis also specializes in neo traditional tattooing, with a mix of cute animals and crossing over into the dark side of this style. Her marker illustrations of iconic women may also catch your eye. 

Emily Jane

Emily Jane's tattooing style could be described as modern traditional with hints of neo traditional. Flowers, ladies and spooky themes all make an appearance in her work. 

All photos from Instagram.  

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