Meet The Artists: Garage Ink Tattoo Studio

Meet The Artists: Garage Ink Tattoo Studio

In a city known for its sun, sand and surf, the artists at Garage Ink Tattoo are all about the black and grey.

Referred to as the Manor, Garage Ink is located in the Gold Coast mountains in Queensland, Australia. Garage Ink is owned by Teneile Napoli, and you might be surprised to now that she has an all-female crew. 

Garage Ink has been named Queensland's best tattoo studio by Inked Magazine and the ladies have graced the covers of several tattoo magazines around the world. These sisters are doing it for themselves - and killing it!

Realism (black and grey, in particular) is the specialty of most of the artists, although some do color and different tattoo styles. Let's meet the ladies and see which one could be best suited to your next tattoo.

Teneile Napoli

To see just why Teneile Napoli is Australia's Queen of black and grey realism, check out more of her work here

Karlee Sabrina

She might have just five years of experience, but Karlee Sabrina produces absolutely stunning black and grey realism tattoos. 

Miss Kimberley

Miss Kimberley also specializes in black and grey realism, in particular beautiful female portraits and animal tattoos.

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Samm Lacey

Samm Lacey's tattoo portfolio is a mix of color and black and grey pieces, from realism (people, animals and flowers) to mandalas and dotwork. 

Sami Atkins

Sami Atkin's signature style is black and grey realism with a splash of color, to really make some details stand out. 

Miss Mary

An all-rounder, Miss Mary does all kinds of tattoo styles from black and grey realism, Japanese, color, and dotwork. 

Juannita Tahere

Juannita loves tattooing pieces with involve intricate pattern work, like mandalas and sacred geometry, along with dotwork. 

Jade Boulton 

Jade is another artist at Garage Ink that pretty much tattoos any style, like neo traditional, realism and black and grey. 

Next time you're on the Gold Coast and feel the need for ink, go visit the ladies at Garage Ink, or just give them a follow on Instagram

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