Meet the Artists: Little Tokyo Temple of Art

Meet the Artists: Little Tokyo Temple of Art

Don't let the name fool you, there's more to this studio than traditional Japanese tattoos.

It's the place where celebrities such as Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber have visited in Sydney to get tattooed, and it's fast-becoming the go-to studio for Sydneysiders. 

Little Tokyo is owned by Rhys Gordon, a famed Australian tattoo artist with over 25 years of experience. 

Located in Bondi Junction, Little Tokyo is open to walk-ins and those looking for quality custom tattoos. Next time you're in Sydney be sure to head to Little Tokyo if you're itching for some new ink. 

Now, let's meet the artists. 

Rhys Gordon

With almost three decades of tattooing experience, Rhys Gordon focuses his talents on producing his interpretation of traditional Japanese tattoos. Whether black and grey or color, the large-scale arm and leg sleeves, back pieces and body suits of Rhys Gordon are some of the best you'll see.  

View more of Rhys Gordon's work here

Black and grey traditional Japanese leg sleeve by Rhys Gordon. #japanese #traditionaljapanese #tiger #legsleeve #RhysGordon

Mark Lonsdale

Mark Lonsdale creates predominantly black and grey tattoo in a range of styles: traditional, with some dotwork, mandalas, neo traditional and Japanese thrown in there. 

Black and grey Jack the Ripper tattoo by Mark Lonsdale. #blackandgrey #neotraditional #traditional #MarkLonsdale

Jimi May

Jimi May is a man of many hats: musician, artist, painter and tattooist. He's best known for his smooth black and grey realism tattoos. 

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Black and grey map and compass tattoo by Jimi May. #blackandgrey #realism #JimiMay #map #compass

Luke Mills

Luke works predominantly in black and grey, producing some amazing pieces by combining bio-mechanical, bio-organic, and realism styles. 

Black and grey bio-mechanical realism piece by Luke Mills. #blackandgrey #realism #biomechanical #biomech #bioorganic #LukeMills #scourgeart

Tristan Bentley

Tristan adds all the traditional tattooing techniques of bold outlines and color to his tattoos. He's the one to see for traditional tattoo flash, but he also does some traditional Japanese tattooing, too. 

A pair of tattooed lady legs. By Tristan Bentley. #traditional #legs #pinup #TristanBentley

Kade Mack

Kade Mack is another artist at Little Tokyo that specializes in black and grey tattooing. His portfolio features some incredible realism and neo traditional pieces, like the one below. 

Maija Arminen 

Maija is a new addition to the team.  Originally from Finland, she's found a new home at Little Tokyo. Maija's realism work is always full of vivid colors, breathing life into every piece. 

Color realism and watercolor bull terrier portrait by Maija Arminen. #realism #colorrealism #bullterrier #dog #watercolor #MaijaArminen

Joel Ang

As of September, Joel Ang will also be joining the crew at Little Tokyo. He specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos, doing some incredible color, and black and grey work. 

Traditional Japanese sleeve featuring a foo dog and peony. By Joel Ang. #foodog #peony #flower #Japanese #traditionaljapanese #JoelAng

Keep an eye out for more posts about the incredible team at Little Tokyo. 

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