Meet the Artists: The Black Mark Tattoo Studio

Meet the Artists: The Black Mark Tattoo Studio

Could this be Melbourne's best tattoo studio?

Social media and artists like Benjamin Laukis have shone a spotlight on all the tattooing talent hiding Down Under. 

The Black Mark in Melbourne is one of those tattoo shops bursting with talent. When he's not traveling the world tattooing, Benjamin Laukis calls The Black Mark home. Their line-up of high-caliber artists consists of some of the biggest names in the Australian tattoo community.  

If you're looking for artists that specialize in realism (color and black and grey), neo-traditional, and traditional styles of tattooing, then The Black Mark has you covered. 

Now, let us introduce you to the artists from The Black Mark.

Mick Squires

For years, Mick Squires has been the man to see for color realism tattoos. While he may not be all that active on social media, it's guaranteed that he's busy producing some incredible tattoos for his clients. 

A demure looking Albert Einstein. Tattoo by Mick Squires. #realism #colorrealism #MickSquires #TheBlackMark #AlbertEinstein

Kitty Dearest

Kitty Dearest's neo-traditional style and tattoo subject matter make for some seriously cute tattoos. 


The mix of realism and neo-traditional elements in some of his pieces give Fabz's tattoos something that little bit extra special.  

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An aggressive tiger and cobra tattoo by Fabz. #tiger #snake #cobra #neotraditional #Fabz @TheBlackMark

Crispy Lennox

The neo-traditional style of Crispy Lennox's tattoos take animals and make them unique, unusual and intriguing. 

This sloth is ready to take your soul. By Crispy Lennox #sloth #skull #grimreaper #CrispyLennox #TheBlackMark #neotraditional

Benjamin Laukis

Skulls, animals or portraits, Benjamin Laukis produces some of the best color or black and grey realism tattoos I've ever seen. 

Ben Thomas

The high contrast black and grey realism tattoos of Ben Thomas are so incredibly detailed and lifelike. 

Black and grey fox half sleeve by Ben Thomas. #realism #blackandgrey #blackandgreyrealism #BenThomas #TheBlackMark #fox
Black and grey fox half sleeve by Ben Thomas. #realism #blackandgrey #blackandgreyrealism #BenThomas #TheBlackMark #fox

Emmet Jace

See Emmet for all your traditional (and neo-traditional) tattoo needs. Bold lines that'll hold forever with the traditional color palettes make for some dynamic pieces. 

A traditional style snack and torch tattoo by Emmet Jace. #traditional #snake #torch #EmmetJace #TheBlackMark

Frederick Bain

Color realistic flora and fauna tattoos are where Frederick Bain really excels. 

A Fairy Wren perched on a cherry blossom branch. By Frederick Bain #FrederickBain #realism #colorrealism #bird #cherryblosom #wren #FairyWren

More Colorful Realism Tattoos By Frederick Bain

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