Meet the Artists: Third Eye Tattoo Studio

Meet the Artists: Third Eye Tattoo Studio

Feast your eyes on the work produced by this Melbourne tattoo studio.

Established in 2007, Third Eye Tattoo is home to a bunch of well-respected Australian tattoo artists. In the inner-Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, it's the place to go for traditional, realism and blackwork tattoos.

Let's meet the artists of the Third Eye Tattoo Studio. 


Marshall tattoos primarily black and grey realism, animals, portraits, and detailed scenic sleeves.


Bugsy produces traditional tattoos with a modern blackwork spin.

Nick Rutherford

Nick keeps the traditional tattooing spirit alive with his color and black and grey bold tattoos.

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Charley Gerardin

Charley's blackwork tattoos range from minimalist linework pieces to detailed dotwork renderings on skin.

Oliver Christenson 

Oliver's work is reminiscent of tattoo flash, with a real Americana spirit, either in black or grey, or the timeless traditional colors.

Davo Voodoo

Davo does it all, and is the man to see for something other than traditional. 

Saskia Chowles 

Saskia is fond of thick lines, dotwork, geometry and highly decorative tattoos.

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