MEGAMUNDEN’s The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book

MEGAMUNDEN’s The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book

Learn to work inside the lines with this fun coloring book full of custom tattoo flash designs by Ollie Munden.

It’s about time to break out those unopened packs of colored pencils and fresh felt-tipped markers, because prolific designer and visual artist Ollie Munden, better known as MEGAMUNDEN, has a forthcoming coloring book of his original tattoo designs — The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book.

This collection is a continuation of his first hugely popular collection of traditional motifs, The Tattoo Coloring Book, which was an international bestseller. This time he takes his tattoo-inspired work even further, creating more intricate designs for people to pass the time with or practice their shading by filling in all of the negative space.

All of the usual tattoo subjects are covered — lady heads, anchors, skulls, etc. — and more than a few of them are given a creative twist or two along the way. A myriad of different tattoo styles are referenced throughout the title’s iconography, including traditional, Japanese, neo-traditional, and Chicano style. 

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The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book also includes two pull-out posters — one of a dapper gentleman covered in tattoos as well as an illustration of a heavily inked mermaid — and several sheets of badass stickers that would look great on any body art lover’s laptop or tattooist’s toolbox.

If you’d like to preorder The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book for yourself or a loved one who is into coloring, you can purchase a copy Amazon. It comes out next month. Don’t forget to also check out Munden’s other title, The Tattoo Coloring Book, or his Tattoo Color-in Postcards, which are a great way to keep in touch with the fellow tattoo enthusiasts in your life. Lastly, if you want to learn about another fantastic book about the symbolism behind body art, check out this post.

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