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Megan Massacre's Signature Pet Portrait Tattoos

Megan Massacre's Signature Pet Portrait Tattoos

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Are you into animal tattoos- or perhaps you want one of your own pet? Share your #megandreamtattoo and get tattooed by Megan Massacre.

Our most colorful ambassador Megan Massacre is best known for her vivid tattoo style capturing mostly everything related to pet portraits, sugar skulls, "day of the dead" girls, and flowers.

Megan's Sugar Skull Tattoos are bold and colorful, just like her personality. No matter what design Megan is tattooing, you can be sure it will be stunning and vibrant. She creates tattoos in a vivid combination of styles such as neo traditional, new school, and realism.

Adorable puppy portrait with a crown by Megan Massacre #meganmassacre #puppy #pet #dog #dogportrait #animalportrait #crown #realistic #puppyportrait

Below you can find a collection of her adorable pet portraits that will hopefully inspire you to want your own #megandreamtattoo . And hey- all you have to do is to enter the Megan Massacre contest and hope for the best!

How it Works

Want a trip to see the studio for yourself, and while you're at it get a free tattoo by Megan Massacre?! This is how!


If you're the lucky winner, Tattoodo will fly you to NYC, where you will enjoy a 3-night stay and get tattooed by the legend, Megan Massacre, at her renowned NY studio, Grit n' Glory, ALL FOR FREE. 

Remember to give @megan_massacre  a follow once you've logged into the app!

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