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'Meows and Roars of Inspiration' — the Ultimate Book of Cat Tattoos

'Meows and Roars of Inspiration' — the Ultimate Book of Cat Tattoos

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This collection is a real cat lover's dream. There are cat tattoos, cat paintings, cat art, and so much more love for the furry felines.

Are you the type of person that is always trying to clear out more room in your house — or on your body — to show off your adoration of felines? If so, worry no more, because Out of Step Book’s art collection Meows and Roars of Inspiration: The Cat Art Project has you covered. Containing countless tattoos of cats, it’s the only book a feline-loving body art enthusiast will ever need.

“As the owner of two kitties myself, I have a fondness for purrs and whiskers,” writes the book’s editor and curator Jinxi Caddel in its foreword. “It was a pleasure to watch this grand collection of felines grow each day.” The size of the Meows and Roars of Inspiration shows how much people are obsessed with these critters. There are thousands of depictions of cats throughout the collection, which is broken up into four sections: tattoos, paintings, drawings, and other mediums. Together, all of these pieces of excellent art illustrate the extreme extent to which the genuses of Felis and Panthera captivate the human imagination.

Nearly every style of body art is represented in Meows and Roars of Inspiration. It features everything from realistic portraits of felines by artists like Alexis Vaatete and Jordan Croke to traditional bangers by Shaun Topper and Tony Nilsson. There are also numerous neo-traditional pieces from artists such as Adam Guy Hays, Megan Massacre, and Nick Baxter. Cats of every kinds, wild and domesticated alike, can be found throughout the book. In its pages, you’ll be greeted by maneki-neko, roaring lions, and even a Maine Coon in a superhero outfit, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

If you are or anyone you’re close to is a cat person, make sure to swipe Meows and Roars of Inspiration. It’s the type of book that all fans of felines will readily sink their retractable claws into. Plus, Out of Step Books donates some of its proceeds to art classrooms for supplies, so by purchasing a copy, you’ll also be helping out a good cause. Who knows, it might even inspire your next tattoo of a tiger or tabby, too.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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