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Meows, Woofs, and More: Animal Tattoos

Meows, Woofs, and More: Animal Tattoos

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Who doesn't love a little wildlife here and there? These animal tattoos will get you in the mood to cuddle your fave furry friend.

Basically, if it were up to us...and we didn't live in NY...we'd have a farm. Or an ethically maintained zoo. Complete with: chickens, cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, owls, goats, sheep, horses, stingrays, llamas, axolotls, sugar gliders, chinchillas, capybaras, a plethora of birds...and probably more. We could probably throw in a lemur or two, as well. So, you get it right? We love animals. And animal tattoos! So today, since we haven't really been getting enough fur friend cuddles, we figured we'd throw this cute collection of animal tattoos together to make you smile, get you inspired and show you that armadillos truly do make great ink.

We kind of wanted to find out why, and how many, people love we did a little snooping. Apparently, as a nation, America seems to be caring more about our creature pals. In a 2008 survey from the humane society, three quarters of Americans stated that we should "eliminate all forms of animal cruelty and suffering"....that being said tho, although we care more in the recent age we also apparently want to eat them more. While cow ingestion dropped 20%, chickens went up uhm. We don't care so much about chickens? This also makes us wonder, first, how many chicken tattoos there are, but second, how many people with animal tattoos...also eat animals.

Okay, sorry that got so dark so quickly. But all that info came straight from Psychology Today, and if you think about it...the psychology behind loving animals (and animal tattoos) and eating animals is pretty fascinating. Like, did you know that the cuter the animal on the endangered list, the better chance they have of getting saved? Or that the closer an animals eyes are to the front of it's face (like dogs and cats the more likely we are to find affinity with them? Humans are weird. Let's go get animal tattoos!

Written byTattoodo

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