Mesmerizing Coin Engravings by Shaun Hughes

Mesmerizing Coin Engravings by Shaun Hughes

Watch the videos and see Shaun Hughes turn old coins into incredible works of art!

After you've seen these amazing engraved coins, you'll think twice before getting rid of your change. 

Shaun Hughes is a UK based engraver with an eye for old coins, although instead of just collecting the old bits of change, he turns them into little works of art. Using simple hand tools and amazing attention to detail, Hughes creates all manner of ornate patterns and shapes, and every piece of his work is breathtaking. Featuring coins from all across the world, and in every shape and size, Hughes engraved works of art will leave you speechless, and probably wanting one of his coins for yourself! 

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Get your fill of engraved coins here, just keep scrolling and be prepared to be impressed! 

All photos from Hughes' Instagram!

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