Meticulous Nature Tattoos by Zach Crisp

Meticulous Nature Tattoos by Zach Crisp

These bird and floral tattoos are executed with the detailed precision of one in tune with nature.

A quick scroll through the Instagram account of Zach Crisp will immediately bring to your attention his incredible love of nature. Dispersed among the gorgeous images of his equally gorgeous tattoos are beautiful nature scenes, which may for example take the form of a skink snake curled up with her eggs, or a teeny tiny frog taking a rest on Zach's hand.

Zach's existence is clearly very intertwined with nature, and this close appreciation and examination of nature elements is VERY present in his tattoos. His art is clearly executed with one who has studied animals and plants very closely, as can be seen in his ability to communicate such fine detail through his art. 

Zach Crisp tattoos out of Golden Spiral Studios, In Greensboro, North Carolina. As a Northwest Coaster, I have to admit that I'm pretty floored by the similarities in Crisp's natural backyard to mine. If you're like me and want to take a trip asap to visit Crisp in North Carolina, make sure you make an appointment at least three months in advance.

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