Me-YOW: Some Sick Kitties by Diego Apu

Me-YOW: Some Sick Kitties by Diego Apu

Pay homage to the world's favorite animal with these bright and colorful tattoos.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: cats rule, dogs drool. (Although, we've all cuddled that geriatric cat that can't STOP drooling, so...) If you're a cat person, and we already know you are, Diego Apu of Good Times Tattoo Parlour in Buenos Aires has you covered. While you can't pet these kitties — okay, you could try, but tracking down the owners of these tattoos and trying to pet them is certainly a certifiable and illegal offense — you can admire them via your screen, and imagine.

Apu's kitties have quite a range. They growl but also grin and purr. They could easily eat you for dinner or bring you a dead mouse at the wrong time. And every single one of them gaze out at you, sizing you up. Friend or foe? Friend... or food?

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Apu's Instagram is chock full of cats, and other wonderful beasties. His neo-traditional work is admirable and solid, and we recommend giving him a proper follow. Apu was also profiled in a short mini-doc, featured above, and it's great to watch his process.

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