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Me-YOW: Some Sick Kitties by Diego Apu

Me-YOW: Some Sick Kitties by Diego Apu

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Pay homage to the world's favorite animal with these bright and colorful tattoos.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: cats rule, dogs drool. (Although, we've all cuddled that geriatric cat that can't STOP drooling, so...) If you're a cat person, and we already know you are, Diego Apu of Good Times Tattoo Parlour in Buenos Aires has you covered. While you can't pet these kitties — okay, you could try, but tracking down the owners of these tattoos and trying to pet them is certainly a certifiable and illegal offense — you can admire them via your screen, and imagine.

Apu's kitties have quite a range. They growl but also grin and purr. They could easily eat you for dinner or bring you a dead mouse at the wrong time. And every single one of them gaze out at you, sizing you up. Friend or foe? Friend... or food?

Apu's Instagram is chock full of cats, and other wonderful beasties. His neo-traditional work is admirable and solid, and we recommend giving him a proper follow. Apu was also profiled in a short mini-doc, featured above, and it's great to watch his process.

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