Michael Douglas's Son has a Tattoo on his Stomach... of his Dad's Face

Michael Douglas's Son has a Tattoo on his Stomach... of his Dad's Face

Is it cute or is it kinda weird? I can't tell.

I love my mom. She's the best human on the planet and I would do anything for her. But I'll be real- I'm not sure I'd get a massive portrait of her on my stomach. 

That's what Michael Douglas' son did, though. Recently released from jail after almost 7 years for drug charges, Douglas' son Cameron has obviously been making up for lost time by posting a shit ton of casual, muscle-bearing photos on the internet. One photo in particular shows off his entire, shirtless, heavily tattooed torso- which is not bad to look at, at all- but once you get passed the abs, something becomes apparent; He's got a pretty intense portrait of his dad on his stomach.                                                                                   

Yup. Right there on the right side of his abdomen is a realistic, black and grey portrait of his dad's face- as famously seen on the cover for his movie "Wall Street." And on the other side? His grandpa, Kirk Douglas. 

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I can't tell if this is super sweet or kinda creepy. I'm genuinely on the fence about it. What do you guys think? I just feel like it'd be weird to get naked around anybody, knowing that your father AND grandfather are staring back at them with you..... But maybe that's just me. 

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