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Micro Cosmic Tattoos by South Korean Artist, Banul

Micro Cosmic Tattoos by South Korean Artist, Banul

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What Happens When You Combine Elements of Micro-tattoos and Pastel?

Incredibly dainty, feminine tattoos can often go overlooked in regards to the incredible amount of talent it takes to create them. As with all perfectly executed tattoos, they take time as well as a unique skill set to do well. Recently, both pastel and micro-tattoos have been gaining in popularity, but what if you combined the two? Artist Banul, out of Seoul, South Korea, has combined the two trends to create some truly stunning pieces of body art. 

Using light, incredibly dainty, single needle lines and expertly applied pastel colors, Banul mainly creates tiny tattoos that reflect subjects like the cosmos, flowers, and animals, each just as delicate as the next. But just because they’re tiny doesn’t mean they’re not detailed. Banul also takes time to create the crevices and craters in a crescent moon, or the ever so slightly feathered wisps of a wildflower. Banul’s style of tattooing has been gaining widespread popularity in South Korea, partly due to its tiny stature. South Korea has a long history of looking down on the tattoo industry. The smaller the tattoo, the easier it is to cover when need be, hence the rise in popularity of tiny, dainty tattoos. Whatever the reason may be, we absolutely love Banul’s pastel pieces.

You can see more of Banul’s tiny tattoos on her Instagram.

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