Micro Flora by Nando Tattooer

Micro Flora by Nando Tattooer

Nando Tattooer's tiny flower tattoos are enough to make you squeal with delight.

One of the top trends in tattoos, especially in South Korea, is micro tattoos that can be easily hidden. You see, many people in South Korea still frown upon tattoos and judge people who have them very harshly, so mini, secret tattoos are becoming all the rage.

In a strange twist of events, it has created a culture of tattooing that is simply adorable. These mini designs have a popularity that is growing faster and faster, and it doesn't seem to be slowing any time soon. 

Nando Tattooer is a South Korean tattoo artist in Seoul who excels in producing these delightful tattoos that will make just about anyone squeal with delight.

The miniature size of these tattoos serves multiple purposes. They are easily hidden and maintain a quality of beauty in their simplicity. That's not to say these tattoos are simple, I would argue the contrary. The detail and attention to detail needed in order to successfully complete one of these beauties is extraordinary, and only a skilled artist like Nando Tattooer could pull it off.

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