Micro Flowers by Mini Lau

Micro Flowers by Mini Lau

Want to Pretend Like It's Still Spring? These Micro-Gardens Will Cheer You Right On Up.

Well folks, it’s that time of the year — daylight saving time has officially ended. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you know all too well what that sentence means: earlier sunrises and earlier sunsets. Here in New York the sun starts going down earlier and earlier until one day you take a peek outside your window at 4:30 pm, only to find that, SURPRISE, it’s night time. Sigh. Well, we’re still deeply in denial here at the New York office, so instead of looking outside the window into the impending winter abyss (literally, it’s 4:26 pm as I write this, and there’s maaaybe ten more minutes of sunlight left), we’ll happily pretend like it’s spring time with a few micro flowers from Hong Kong artist Mini Lau.

Using pastel colors, the tiniest needle, and a multitude of different species as inspiration, Lau creates entire gardens. Incredibly dainty, and easily placed anywhere on the body, her wreaths, garlands, and sprouts are perfect for the first timer that wants an easily concealable flower tattoo as well as the seasoned enthusiast that just wants a cute floral filler. Lavender, bluebells, lilies - the list goes on and on, unlike spring. If you need us, we’ll be huddled inside, fawning over Lau’s flowers, and pretending it’s May.

You can see more of Lau’s work on her Instagram.

Looking for more micro-gardens? Check out this amazing South Korean artist.

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