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Micro Scenes by Hannah Nova Dudley

Micro Scenes by Hannah Nova Dudley

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These tiny landscapes are pristine.

Hannah Nova Dudley's micro dotwork landscapes are simply wonderful. It's amazing how she is able to embody the beauty and fearsomeness of nature with such a minimalist approach. Her delicate renditions of scenes from the world, whether alpine or tropical, have the power to take your breath away. Here is a sample of her gorgeous work.

Even when working in her most minimal mode, Dudley is able to render whimsical scenes from the natural world in an incredibly small-scale dotwork approach. There's something indescribably charming about a miniature mountain range.

Dudley's tattoos of mountain ranges are excellent. They somehow capture the grandeur and sublimity of these massive land formations. Sometimes she depicts them next to serene lakes or up winding roads, but they all invoke the notion of majesty. Sometimes she even throws in some of her sense of humor, as seen in the UFO piece.

Dudley's seascapes are arguably her best portraits of nature. They tend to feature a central image such as a lonesome tree, a crested wave, or a boat far off in the distance, while the sun either rises or sets in the background near the peaks of mountains or out across an archipelago. 

A lonesome tree on a hilltop near the sea by Hannah Nova Dudley (IG— hannah_novart). #dotwork #HannahNovaDudley #landscapes #miniature #mountains #pristine #sea #tree

We hope you enjoyed gazing off into the horizon through these dot-work landscapes by Dudley. If you want to see more of the world through her exquisite tattoos, check out her Instagram. She tattoos at Seventh Day Studio in Auckland, New Zealand, if you want to get your own mountain range or seascape from her.

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