Micro Stick and Poke Tattoos by Welfare Dentist

Micro Stick and Poke Tattoos by Welfare Dentist

By Tattoo Artists

Toronto's Welfare Dentist is the king of micro stick and poke tattoos and these are some of his dopest.

Stick and poke tattoos were once synonymous with jailhouses and prisoners, but they are more en vogue with regular pedestrians than ever. This is thanks to creative tattoo artists like Toronto's Welfare Dentist who specialize in the very unique and old-school way of getting some ink. Check out some of these micro stick and pokes done by one of Canada's finest.

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Combating conventional thinking about hand poke tattoos, Welfare Dentist steps it up a notch with these intricate and imaginative designs that will make people rethink the art form. Stick and poke tattoos don't have to be simple, they can be just as creative as any traditional tattoo if the right artist is behind the needle.

Interested in getting one of these hand pokes from Welfare Dentist? If you're in the Toronto area, head over to Black Widow Tattoo Arts. You could get this treatment.
Images from Welfare Dentist's Instagram.

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