Microscope Tattoos For All You Hardcore Science Nerds

Microscope Tattoos For All You Hardcore Science Nerds

We take a look at tattoos of the tools that allow us to see a world previously beyond our sights

There exists a brilliant, dazzling world that is beyond the perception of our eyes. The world is teeming with life and beauty at a unobservable level. Fortunately, somewhere along the line someone had the bright idea to invent the microscope, allowing us to see things beyond the limits of perception that our biology has shackled us with. And today to celebrate this wonderful device, and because we’re all a bunch of fucking nerds at heart, we’re taking a look at some microscope tattoos.

The compound microscope, which combines an objective lens and an eyepiece, first appeared in Europe around 1620. Precursors to the instrument can be found throughout history, as objects resembling lenses date back nearly 4000 years. Ancient Greeks used water filled spheres to magnify things. And magnifying lenses began being used in eyeglasses as far back as the 13th century.

But no one really knows whom exactly should get credit for the invention of the modern compound microscope. Some claim it was invented in the Netherlands in 1590 by Zacharias Jansenn. Some say it was his neighbor and rival Hans Lippershey. Others attribute it to Cornelis Drebbel. But most seem to agree that Galileo made marked improvements to these early models of microscopes in 1625.

For a long while the microscope was just a novelty. It wasn’t until the 1660s that biologists began to employ the use of the tool in their research. In 1676, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek became the first to discover the existence of microorganisms, aided by adjustments he made to the design which gave him 300 times magnification.

In the 20th century, the invention of the electron microscope led to countless scientific discoveries that were previously beyond the reaches of observable science. In recent decades, fluorescent, super resolution, and x-ray microscopes have allowed visual access to worlds beyond the imagination of Galileo and other early microscopists.

And would you believe there are a plethora of awesome microscope tattoos out there? We were a little shocked when we realized this, but we fully back any sort of science related tattoos, and these are no exception.

Microscope tattoo with Dune quote by Kyle Giffens (via IG -- kylegiffen) #kylegiffins #microscope #science #microscopetattoo

These microscope tattoos are badges of honor to these hardcore science nerds. And we hold science nerds in the highest level of reverence. After all, these are the people that cure disease and enable all sorts of breakthroughs that improve the collective well-being of our species. We suggest you go find the nearest micrologist and give them a big hug.

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