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Mid-Summer Flora by South Korea's Zihee

Mid-Summer Flora by South Korea's Zihee

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The vibrant colors found in Zihee's floral tattoos rival that of their real life counterparts.

The one thing  floral tattoos can never seem to accurately capture are the incomparable hues found throughout mother nature. Artist Zihee of Seoul, South Korea comes just about as close as you can get to pasting a late summer bloom on your person, although her colors aren’t likely to wilt along with the petals. Zihee’s skills are on display in her impeccable renderings of pressed flowers, delicate single needle blooms, surrealist watercolor flora, and every other variety of life in the plant kingdom.

There’s something to be said about the beauty found in the colors of fully bloomed flora when it’s mid summer and the leaves and petals are refracting rich, vibrant hues — as if the high sun were somehow beating it into them with each passing day. Zihee’s flowers mimic the colors found on those hot, hot days, although hers take on more of a painterly effect. Lacking any sort of bold outlines, her florals seem to float atop the skin, as her brilliant use of gradient and tone further illustrate the depth of each leaf and petal. Her blood red poppy, for example, blooms with a certain fragility that makes it almost seem translucent, as the darker green tones offset the lighter ones. In a way, it’s as if a brilliant ray of sunshine was cutting through the flower, like a fragile piece of tissue paper or a dazzling piece of stained glass.

Flora has always been a popular motif in not only the tattoo community, but fine art as well, and while each style is beautiful in its own right, we think Zihee’s botanical beauties deserve their moment in the sun.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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