Miley Cyrus' Puffer Fish Tattoo Actually Has a VERY Special Meaning

Miley Cyrus' Puffer Fish Tattoo Actually Has a VERY Special Meaning

Miley has a very solid attachment to her pets, and when her puffer fish died, she decided to get him forever etched on her body.

Miley Cyrus has quite an eccentric group of pets, and she shares a very special bond with them. She has several dogs, a piglet named Bubba, and of course, her beloved puffer fish, Pablow (get it?). Unfortunately, Pablow the puffer fish passed away last year. Since Cyrus "hates goodbyes," she got a tattoo of him, so he's always with her!

Miley will not soon forget her beloved puffer fish. #MileyCyrus #pufferfish #celebrity #celebritytattoos

The love for Pablow didn't end there, oh no. Getting a tattoo of your dead pet isn't enough for Ms. Cyrus. She wrote a song dedicated to him that say the least. 

Well, at least we know she's not kidding around when she says she loves her pets. Woowee. How many of you would do this for your pet?! HUH?! MILEY IS BETTER THAN ALL OF US!

Considering that Cyrus loved Pablow so much she couldn't let just anyone do the tattoo. No, Pablow deserved the best. That's why she turned to the world-renowned Dr. Woo for the heartfelt tribute to her favorite fish. 

RIP Pablow. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Like, ever.

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