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Mind-Bending Contortionist Pinups by Zooki

Mind-Bending Contortionist Pinups by Zooki

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Here are some traditional tattoos of extremely flexible babes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, come inside and see these live acts! Admission is free. Come on into the tent (or should I say tint, since this is a tattoo post after all) and behold unbelievable feats of the human body. Come in now and wrap your eyes around these lovely traditional contortionist pinups by the one and only Zooki! The show's about to start. Don't be late! Come inside right away and find a front-row seat. Get ready to see some of the most flexible tattoos in all of the world. Prepare to be astonished and amazed!

We'd tame lions, walk tightropes, or even dress up as clowns just to work under the same big-top as these beautiful bendy women. We love how Zooki captures these gorgeous and nimble pinups in their most contorted postures yet illustrates their faces wearing the most relaxed of expressions. What's even better than the incredible poses that they strike is that they are self-referentially covered in tattoos as well, making them just that much more spectacular. We should probably applaud; though they don't show it, these girls are working hard.

You can see Zooki's mastery of the traditional style in his illustrations of these elastic ladies. His linework is as bold as the stunts that these pinups pull off. The contrast between their softer shading and more densely colored portions is perfectly balanced. We particularly enjoy how he works in very dark chroma, especially black and red, with only a few hints of lighter color, like the occasional burst of a sunny yellow. Lastly, it awesome how he goes so far as to give each of these showgirls their own fashion sense by illustrating all of their leotards with different patterns to bring out their individuality.

It's awesome how in touch with herself this pinup by Zooki (IG—zookicph) is. #contortionist #pinups #traditional #Zooki

If you want to see more of Zooki's limber ladies, cartwheel yourself on over to his circus of an Instagram. He tattoos at The Sailors Grave in Copenhagen, Denmark and can be reached for appointments at One last thing, here's a little encore performance by the real-life contortionist trio the Ross Sisters. Holy shit, were the 1940s weird or what?

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