Mind-Blowing Black & Grey Sleeves by Mumia

Mind-Blowing Black & Grey Sleeves by Mumia

One look and you'll be asking yourself how in the world these tattoos are real.

We’ve talked about Copenhagen-based tattooer Mumia before, and believe me, as long as he keeps churning out his consistently, unbelievably, literally impeccable work we will continue to do so.

Work like Mumia’s makes my brain hurt. Not necessarily in a bad way, but like in a “how the fuck is that even humanly possible” kind of way. I can’t even draw a goddamn circle without re-doing it a hundred million times until it’s like, you know, passable as a circle. And that’s on paper. With a pencil. That you can erase.

This guy does it on skin. With needles. And he can’t erase it to start over.

Black & grey sleeve by Mumia via Instagram (mumia916) #Mumia #blackandgrey #sleeve #realism

Like. Wut?

Black & grey sleeve by Mumia via Instagram (mumia916) #Mumia #blackandgrey #sleeve #realism

It’s sort’ve one of those things that you can’t think about too hard because you’ll drive yourself insane. Like space. Or the ocean. Or global warming. Or our new president. I mean, seriously, how is Mumia able to make such astoundingly realistic looking tattoos?

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Black & grey sleeve by Mumia via Instagram (mumia916) #Mumia #blackandgrey #sleeve #realism

Anyway, reelin’ it back in. Today we’re specifically showcasing some of Mumia’s beautiful black and grey sleeves. He has excelled in the art of seamlessly combining numerous genres and themes — no matter how different these themes may be — into smooth, free-flowing masterpieces. From religious to fantasy to horror themes, Mumia’s the go-to guy if you want to harmoniously blend them into a cohesive large-scale piece.

So, without further ado, take a gander at some of Mumia’s most recent sleeves.

If you are as awe-struck as I am by Mumia's work you are absolutely going to want to give him a follow on Instagram.

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