Mindblowing Geometric Hexagon Tattoos

Mindblowing Geometric Hexagon Tattoos

Optical illusion or straight-up homage to math — these geometric tattoos are mathematical.

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon. It can fit perfectly in a circle, and can create unending patterns unto itself. You can tile a plane with equilateral hexagons, creating a sequence that literally never ends. It is the utterly perfect shape when it comes to sacred geometry, so of course, there are many incredibly detailed and unique hexagon tattoos.

The hexagon also occurs naturally within nature, adding to its divine properties — take beehives for example. Those critters aren't taking out a ruler and measuring out each individual cell. They're naturally in tune with how to create the perfect hexagon. 

We've gathered some original and utterly mind-blowing hexagon-inspired and hexagon-based tattoos for you. Whether they're optical illusions, scaled and warped to fit the body, or as specific as math itself, these hexagon tattoos will make you question your sense of math and reality itself.

Black & Bold Geometric Hexagon Body suit Tattoo by Neo
Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Kenji Alucky
Lovin' the flat colors, color palette & solid application of this Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Samantha Sue
Can you spot the hexagons contributing well to this sick geometric sleeve tattoo?! :-O Tattoo by @xnazax
Amazing 3D effect on this hexagonal sleeve tattoo! It's all about composition & application! Artist unknown
Trippy 3D Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Russ Abbott

The ability to create literal geometry on the human body is some real life tattoo Da Vinci stuff. Find out more about sacred geometry here. 

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