Mini Guide: Types of Oral Piercings

Mini Guide: Types of Oral Piercings

Learn the names of your favorite oral piercings with this mini guide.

A short and sweet guide on different types of oral piercings, what they're called and how they're pierced. 

Dental Piercing

Not necessarily drilled, dental jewelry is embedded on polished and prepped up tooth surface. 

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Uvula Piercing

This type of piercing takes som time getting used to, as your gag reflexes need time to adjust. 

More on this article: 10 Gag-Inducing Uvula Piercings

Tongue Web Piercing

A piercing through the Frenulum Linguae, the strip of flesh under the tongue.

Vampire or Upper Frenulum Piercing

One or more piercings through the upper frenulum under the upper lip, the tissue that connects lip to gum. 

Gum Piercing

Tongue Piercing

The most common type of tongue piercing.

Venom Bites Piercing 

Tongue piercings placed side by side. 

Snake Eyes or Horizontal Tongue piercing

A horizontal piercing through the tip of the tongue using a curved barbell hence the term, "Snake Eyes".

Smiley Piercing

A trending piercing. Find everything you need to know about the smiley piercing here: 9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure

Frown Piercing

The opposite of Smiley piercing, located at the bottom inner lip, through the tissue that connects lip to gum.

Which oral piercing appeals to you the most? Share with us your piercings and experiences! :-D For more mouth piercing locations, check out these articles: 

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