Minimalistic Yet Creative Linework Tattoos By Rottenkiwii

Minimalistic Yet Creative Linework Tattoos By Rottenkiwii

Linework is becoming more and more popular, and Rottenkiwii does it very well.

Tattoo artist Karin, who goes by the name Rottenkiwii on Instagram, creates some of the most funny and creative linework tattoo designs out there. Minimalism combined with pointillism and funny touch create an awesome design. 

Whether you are looking for a new tattoo or just entertainment, these cute yet epic linework tattoos will inspire you, so keep reading. I have selected my favorites from her Instagram, check them out and you might find the inspiration for your own awesome ink.

Awesome DJ tattoo, Roots Animal high power. #rottenkiwii #linework #dog #animal #dj #funny #simple

For more beautiful linework maybe you will enjoy Dotwork And Geometric Linework Tattoo Collection Of Allan Tattooer!

Abstract barbed wire fence with the sun #rottenkiwii #art #abstract #barbedwirefence #sun

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