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Mister Cartoon's Genre Defining Tattoos

Mister Cartoon's Genre Defining Tattoos

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In VICELAND's "Needles and Pins," Grace Neutral learns about Chicano-style black & grey tattooing from one of the masters, Mister Cartoon.

In the Los Angeles episode of VICELAND’s series Needles and Pins, host and tattoo artist Grace Neutral dives headfirst into the world of Chicano tattoos, and it’s impossible to do that without coming across renowned artist Mister Cartoon.

A family tree by Mister Cartoon. (Via IG - misterctoons) #mistercartoon #chicano #blackandgrey

Cartoon’s fine line black and grey style is so tied into Southern California and the roots of the Chicano culture that it's nearly impossible to replicate without the proper background. Yet the reason that Cartoon is so well known is that his work was never been limited to just within the tight-knit community that he called home, he is willing to share that artwork with people that have genuine interest in the style.

“Sometimes the stuff is freehand, there’s no pattern drawn and you kinda just flow with it,” Cartoon explains. “And collage. That’s the old school style, to collage the shit. A girl’s eye has a teardrop, and that goes into a puddle, and the puddle drops down into an inkwell, and the inkwell goes into the city landscape and it goes into a housing project and blah blah blah, it’s all kind of melted and twisted, collaged together.”   

Learn more about Mister Cartoon and the many other talented artists defining and progressing the Chicano style in this episode of Needles and Pins. See more of Mister Cartoon here, and don’t forget to check out another master of the style referenced in Needles and Pins, Chuco Moreno, by clicking here.  

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