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Mistress of the Night: Magnificent Moon Tattoos

Mistress of the Night: Magnificent Moon Tattoos

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These moon tattoos pay homage to one of the most powerful aspects of our nature world.

She watches over us at night, and give us light...she has power over the ocean and inspires many a love song...these moon tattoos capture one of the most beautiful and alluring aspect of the natural world. It's almost a shame there is only one in our sky! In past collections we've talked about how the moon has many poems, folk lore, and legends attached to her name...many think she holds the magical power of love within her grasp...others think that the moon is an unhappy man, always looking down and wishing he were a part of our world. Whatever the case may be, these moon tattoos sure put a sparkle on our skin.

Some of these pieces have the moon as the main design concept, but many also use the moon as a detail or small part of the overall finished tattoo. Regardless of how present the celestial body is, there's no denying that it definitely adds a certain beautiful something to each piece. It's incredible to think how, although it has inspired so many works of art, both visual and literary, only twelve people have walked on the moons surface...the last of which was in 1972!

We know many of you are fans of the zodiac, and perhaps you can think about adding a moon tattoo in with your particular sign's constellation! But, if that isn't what you're looking for, we certainly have so many more in our archive to inspire. Check out our app, find your dream tattoo, and then reach out to an artist via our new booking feature! We're here to make getting tattoos as easy, seamless, and enlightened as possible. We want your experience to be as awesome as can be...and that includes knowing that your artist, shop, and finished piece will be of the utmost and highest quality!

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