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Model And Tattooed Mommy Nena Von Flow's Picture Perfect Feed

Model And Tattooed Mommy Nena Von Flow's Picture Perfect Feed

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London-based model Nena Von Flow captures her sweet life with her young son, Jon and her tattoo artist husband, Dani.

In her prime years, Nena Von Flow spent most of her time as an alternative model in London. With her long, dark hair, hazel eyes, tattoo sleeve, and strong persona behind the camera, Nena was quite a sight in her early modelling days.

Nena still does a bit of modelling these days but she does most of it in her Instagram account. With 80k+ followers, Nena captures her daily routine, her family, and some lovable snap shots of what's every day like for her.

A full-time mom to Jon and housewife — with a side gig as a web influencer — to Dani, Nena sprinkles the newsfeeds of her followers with adorable photos of Jon, sweet moments with Dani, and a variety of healthy choices she puts in her regular meals. 

Photo from Nena Von Flow on Instagram. #nenavonflow #tattooedwomen #tattoodobabes

You're going to see a lot of yummy-looking home baked food, healthy shakes, and a lot more in Nena's account. So, if you're quite the healthy living freak- following her will be a breeze.

Photo from Nena Von Flow on Instagram. #nenavonflow #tattooedwomen #tattoodobabes

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Plus, she also makes her feed far more interesting without even trying with her impressive tattoo collection, grazing each and every photo. With her impressive iphoneography and set ups, she makes every moment of her daily life as sweet and simple as they are, giving a beautiful image of a tattooed mom.

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When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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