Moments and Memories Captured in Fine Line Tattoos by Yoni Tattoo

Moments and Memories Captured in Fine Line Tattoos by Yoni Tattoo

Yoni captures personal moments with lovely and subtle illustrations in a heartwarming sketch style.

The tattoos of South Korean tattoo artist Yoni stand out among the perfect little fine line micro tattoos that are reigning in her city of Seoul. She really has her own unique thing going on, creating lovely yet simple illustrations of mothers and their daughters, young lovers on a holiday, and portraits of young women enjoying a cigarette. 

While the South Korean tattoo scene is known for its great love of fine lines, subtlety, and pristine details, Yoni makes her tattoos a little more personal while still keeping the aspects that anchor her work to the South Korean tattoo aesthetic. 

Instead of a pastel color palette and immaculate micro tattoo details, she steers her own wheel by designing all her works in a somewhat raw and intimate style. She focuses on the moments her clients were enjoying in the reference photos and captures them into simple, sketch style drawings that speak for the small things that matter most.

But there's more to Yoni's tiny, heartwarming illustrations than rough outlines and broken-down elements. She manages to encapsulate personal histories into uncomplicated pieces of art the wearer will treasure for life; a point in time they can access easily within the small and fragile expanse of their skin.

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