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Monday Means Marvelous Movie Tattoos!

Monday Means Marvelous Movie Tattoos!

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

We know it's the start of the week, but we'd like to continue the weekend just a lil longer with these movie tattoos.

They say life imitates art...or is it art imitates life? In this case perhaps it's more of a continual imitation cycle: life inspires artfully made movies which inspire more art. These movie tattoos perfectly represent that feeling when we come across a film that really moves us. Whether it's the characters, the plot, the aesthetic, whatever it is it sticks with us. Since you can't sit around on your couch, eating potato chips and watching your favorite movie 24/7 it makes sense that you would want to get movie tattoos. I mean, let's be real, tattoos aren't just about looking cool...they're also about memorializing a concept that really means something to you. And that doesn't always mean a beloved pet who has passed...sometimes it means tattooing Jack Nicholson from The Shining on your arm because there literally isn't any other character in history who so wonderfully embodies your inner most feelings to murder everyone.

In any case, one of the interesting aspects of movie tattoos, or movies in general, is that there are so many. So many tattoos, and so many movies to choose do you pick? And how do you know if it's your favorite if you haven't seen all the movies ever made? Before you run out and get a bunch of movie tattoos inked onto your body forever, wouldn't it be nice to make sure your favorite is actually your favorite? Consider, if you will, that there are about 500,000 full-length feature films in existence right now. Also, Hollywood shoves out around 2,000 movies a year, and each of them are, on average, an hour and a half long. According to some random person answering questions over at Quora it would take you 70 years to watch all the movies in the world. It would only take 35 if you just didn't sleep, eat, or work.

Maybe after all that movie watching you'd get more ideas for movie tattoos, but then you're stuck trying to figure out where to put all these incredible pieces you're collecting. You can either have them done very tiny, or you could get tattooed, then get the tattoos removed, then get tattooed again...literally forever. In any case, we believe that these movie tattoos will definitely inspire you for your next piece! And you know you can always count on us to match you with the best artist for your best tattoo.

Written byTattoodo

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