Money Tattoos Are as American as Apple Pie

Money Tattoos Are as American as Apple Pie

We can’t look at tattoos of money from around the globe because it’s a wholly American phenomenon

Occasionally, looking at pictures of tattoos on the internet all day can lead you to some amazing sociological observations. We’ve recently become aware of quite the phenomenon in the world of tattooing that speaks volumes towards a great divide in culture between the United States and the rest of the world. We’re all keenly aware that paper currency is a popular tattoo, but it turns out that shockingly the only money tattoos out there are of American cash.

We’ve searched high and low and found but one example of someone getting a tattoo of Canadian money. We can’t find anyone with a fistful of British Pound notes tattooed on them. Nor are we able to track down any sweet stacks of Euro depicted in tattoo ink. The same goes for Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Mexican Pesos, Swiss Francs, or New Zealand Dollars. There aren’t even any fucking Eddie Money tattoos.

What exactly is going on here? Surely others around the globe love money as much as we do here in the US. After all, money can be exchanged for goods and services, and those two things have never been more popular. Could it be that getting money tattooed on your body is just too gauche for anyone but an American?

We’re definitely scratching our heads over here. We’ve hired several consultants from universities worldwide to dig deep on this issue so we can get back to you with a thorough report. In the meantime, we’ve got all these sweet money tattoos to show you, all American save for that one Canadian piece we dug up. If you happen to be reading this and not from the US, please consider getting a tattoo of a fat stack of your native currency to help make this subcategory of tattoos more cosmopolitan.

Didn’t all those sweet money tattoos just make you want to go out and get stack some cash? Well, maybe Tattoodo is hiring. I don’t really know if we are, but it’s a pretty cool dream to have.

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