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More Celebrity Portraits by Custom Propaganda

More Celebrity Portraits by Custom Propaganda

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We've been acting like the tattoo paparazzi again.

A little while back, we shared some of Duncan Whitfield's incredibly realistic black and grey portraits with you, but he's illustrated the spitting images of so many famous people that we thought we'd showcase a bit more of his lifelike work. This time, we're at it with his depictions of famous movie stars from the last century of cinema. Now, with no more teasers, here are some stunning illustrations straight from the silver screen. 

What makes Whitfield's portraits so picture perfect is the softness of his approach to black and grey tattooing. While the more densely saturated portions of these tattoos, like their dark strands of hair and where shadows fall, make them have an incredible amount of texture as well as depth, it's his subtler use of very light shading that makes each of these illustrations look exactly like their celebrity counterparts.

One of our favorite aspects of Whitfield's tattoos of our celluloid heroes is how he captures them in such dramatic postures and with such emotional expressions on their faces. This brings out the personalities of the unforgettable roles that these beautiful people inhabited through freezing them at their best moments. We can almost feel the anxiety of Clarice from Silence of the Lambs for example,and his depiction of young Marlon Brando from A Streetcar Name Desire makes us swoon a bit.  

The illusion of depth in this depiction of Marlon Brando by Duncan Whitfield (IG—custompropaganda) is mind-blowing. #blackandgrey #CustomPropaganda #DuncanWhitfield #MarlonBrando #portraiture

Should you be in the mood to see more incredible black and grey portraiture, make sure to check out Whitfield's Instagram, or if you want a realistic tattoo of your favorite movie star, he tattoos at his shop Custom Propaganda in Southampton, UK.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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