More Contemporary Tattoos by L'oiseau

More Contemporary Tattoos by L'oiseau

These graphic masterpieces won't leave you cold.

Some artists need to be followed on the long term in order to fully appreciate their skills and sensibility. This is the case of tattoo artist L'oiseau.

I already introduced you to his work with Poetic Sketch Tattoos By L'Oiseau. Since then, the graphic artist has produced more and more wonders that you definitely need to see.

Frank Solers a.k.a. L'oiseau ("the bird" in French) continues to explore the sketch and painterly style. Getting more ambitious, his tattoos are bigger, bolder and always awe-inspiring. L'oiseau particularly masters the many aspects of female beauty and tenderness. Don't you wish he could turn your skin into a breath-taking work of art?

For more by L'oiseau, be sure to check this out:

Sketchy and Loose Black Work by L'oiseau

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Top photo by Thomas Krauss, images from L'oiseau's Facebook and Instagram.

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