More Eerie Black Tattoos by Rebecca Dewinter

More Eerie Black Tattoos by Rebecca Dewinter

Eleven Tattoos For Your Inner Witch

Macabre tattoos will always and forever be some of our favorites. Portraying dark, morose, and incredibly interesting subjects, they always seem to have some sort of a narrative. Whether it be the Salem Witch trials, botany, or morbid anatomy, the overall theme is a dark and mysterious one that is beautifully told through black illustrative style of tattooing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Artist Rebecca DeWinter’s work is exactly that, and gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Tattooing since 2014, DeWinter specializes in black illustrative tattoos with an eerie twist. Favoring subjects like demons, witch trials, and sinister characters, her style is incredibly dark and foreboding, often containing references to Pagan witchcraft and the beauty and majesty of the earth. With references to goat-footed beings, greek mythology, and even Russian fairy tales like Vasilisa the Beautiful, it’s apparent that DeWinter draws the majority of her inspiration from her love of the occult. Currently tattooing at Black Medicine Tattoo in Vancouver, Canada, her books are currently closed due to overwhelming popularity, but fear not, much like the winter solstice, she’ll be around again come December.

You can see more of DeWinter’s beautiful and mysterious work here and on her Instagram.

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