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More Eerie Tattoos by Heather BoOoOoOley—Uh, Bailey

More Eerie Tattoos by Heather BoOoOoOley—Uh, Bailey

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Happy (Almost) Halloween, you creepy motherf*ckers!

OoOoOo! Halloween is almost here! LET'S GET SPOOKY! Light up that cauldron fire, turn down the lights, rattle them bones! 

Bailey is supremely skilled. Her traditional style coupled with her macabre content is a match made in heaven (or should we say... HELL)!

There's something about Bailey's characters that make you wanna go "awwwe" and "AAAAHHH!" at the same time.

You can scope out more of Bailey's creepy work at her Instagram. She works at Black Heart Tattoo in San Francisco, California, so if you're on the West coast of the U.S. and feeling the spooky love, swing on by.

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