More Fine-Lined Oddities by Marla Moon

More Fine-Lined Oddities by Marla Moon

The delicacy of this tattooist's work is to die for.

One of my colleagues shared some of Marla Moon's beautiful tattoos with you a few weeks back, but this talented Spanish artist produces so much outstanding work that we felt compelled to give you another installment of her fine-lined and often unusual body art. Have a look at this selection of her sometimes majestic and at other times grim, but always exquisite, handiwork.

What makes Moon's work so great is the incredible level of precision that she exercises. Each tattoo is virtually flawless. When operating in this relatively sparse approach to illustrative blackwork, a tattooist has no room for error. Every line and spec of shading has to be perfect, and she more than delivers on the necessity for exactitude, and it results in astounding exquisite pieces of body art. Just look at the pristine depiction of Medusa below for instance. Its beauty could turn anyone to stone.

We particularly enjoy Moon's darker subject matter. All of her skeletal illustrations are spectacularly weird, especially the piece depicting a pinup with a skull for a head and an arrow-riddled body. Her tattoos are so surreal that they defy explanation. Like, what the hell is going on with that pregnant starling for example? She also does some fun yet rather eclectic illustrations as seen in her depiction of a Victorian home and a bowl of noodles. Her body of work hints that she has a peculiar sense of humor.

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If you were enamored by these blackwork beauties by Moon, please make a B-line over to her Instagram or maybe peruse this other sample from her portfolio. She tattoos in Madrid, Spain, and can be reached via email at for consultations. 

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