MORE Geometric Animals by Sven Rayen

MORE Geometric Animals by Sven Rayen

Crafted Out of Pure Imagination, Talent, and Some Wild Graphing Skills

When artists throw caution to the wind and create a style that’s all their own and truly unique in every sense of the word, it’s incredibly invigorating. In lieu of adhering to any “rules” set by a specific genre or style of tattooing, artists opt for making their own style. Belgian tattoo artist Sven Rayen, of Studio Palermo is creating his own take on some of our favorite animals, a new geometric take that is.

Who remember the earliest, most primitive form of CGI? How it was comprised of cubes and lines, and somehow conveyed a sense of movement? Rayen’s work is like the 3.0 version of that. Creating animals that are created of graphical lines and cubes that are somehow both primitive and futuristic? Although composed of severe angles and an aesthetic that suggests it was computer animated rather than hand drawn, the movement that flows so freely through Rayen’s pieces is remarkable. From the owl in flight to the lioness’ head, each animal looks as if any minute, it’s about to spring into action. Rayen’s animals are truly a style all their own, and we cannot even begin to fathom the amount of pure imagination, talent, and perfect graphing it must take to create them.

You can see more of Rayen’s graphical animal kingdom here.

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