More Horror Portraiture by Alex Wright

More Horror Portraiture by Alex Wright

Portraits to amaze, terrify, and leave you wanting more.

Admittedly, some of our favorite things to watch during October are more psychological thrillers than horror films (Twin Peaks, Buffy, Edward Scissorhands), but that’s not to say we can’t get down and dirty with the best of ‘em. Dawn of the Dead, American Werewolf, Psycho: our love of horror knows no limits, and apparently neither does Alex Wright’s. Horror portraits to amaze, terrify, and leave you wanting more, here’s more of the best Wright portraits to get your Halloween on.

Yes, we're getting super excited about Wright's work because Halloween is just around the corner, but don't make the mistake of thinking that you can only appreciate these spooky tattoos once a year. Wright's impeccable take on color realism will raise eyebrows all year long, just like how a great horror movie can still scare the bejesus out of you in March.  

You can see our first round up of amazing horror portraits by Alex Wright here.

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